Our goal is to learn to sail by taking our 26’ Laguna to the San Yuan’s and other locations and in 5 years move aboard a larger boat and explore the Caribbean with the kids. There are a lot of details to work out especially with the kiddos (why we are taking 5 years). We need to figure out school, healthcare while offshore and in other countries and probably the biggest and the most asked question—How do make enough money to support this dream, and no we do not have a sum of cash or rich family members to give us the money.

Currently we’re juggling raising two children and a baby during a crazy pandemic. With your support, we can get started sharing more of how we are tackling the details of learning to sail and cruising the Caribbean with kids. We have been so inspired by the other sailing content creators out there and want to give you the best we can as well.

We can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you and share our adventure and knowledge along the way!

A special thanks to all of the inspiration that got our adventure started:
Project Atticus | Sailing Soulianis | Sailing Uma | MJ Sailing | Gone With The Wynns | Expedition Evans | Sailing Zatara

Made with ♥ and Fair Winds,
Bryan, Tabby, Aiden, Paisley and Charlie
Sailing Tipsy Turtle